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  • When I run my heartburn flares up and I use Axia3 ProDigestive antacid to get me through my workout. I have had great success with Axia3 when competing in marathon events. I highly recommend it!
    Jan Fields
  • A very good product with natural ingredients. It does help heartburn. You get 45 tablets. A very good product and you get a lot more than you do with the rolls of Axia.
    Edward S. Brown
  • I am amazed how good this product is….It’s hard to not get addictive because it works so well when your stomach acts up with gas…I try using it only when my gas is uncontrollable…..I recommend this product highly…..Blessings!
  • These are great. I kind of wish they came in a tube or a bulk container (or at least had that option). I love that they have the digestive enzymes, and being pregnant I didn’t need Tums slowing down my digestion even more! They also seem to work better than Tums. It could be the mint, or it could be the combination of the typical calcium based antacid with the baking soda. I’m looking forward to Axia4 to come out with the probiotics included!
    E & L
  • I normally only need 1 tablet, I do take it as soon as I know I’m going to have heartburn, even if it is right before I eat vs. right after vs. 2 hours after. (they normally only have the single rolls too…
    Joel S. Perry
  • Love the mild mild mint -not too over powering. Plus love its ” dual action”. first it helps you feel better with the antacid, then it has enzymes to help you digest the food causing the heartburn faster.
  • This is the only thing that will work on mine and my sons belly, I use to use a product called digel and they stopped making it and now I have found this saving grace. If your belly hurts or is sour at all take 2 and you are good to go


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