Our goal was to find the best, safest and most effective probiotic that didn’t require refrigeration and could be subjected to compression and heat. We identified a spore forming probiotic that delivers the same lactic-acid bacteria that delivers the benefits of Kimchi, and Sauerkraut.

Axia Essentials® has created a superior “High Tech” chewable group of digestive antacid supplements owned and manufactured by Axia Essentials® and is sold and distributed exclusively in North America by Axia Essentials. The formulations are differentiated by all well-known brands as we incorporate widely accepted antacid ingredients because we took things three steps further. We eliminated food coloring, sugar, chalky taste and added digestive enzymes that break down sugar, carbs, protein, fats and starches.

We have recently created Axia4 ProDigestive® Antacid and AXIA4+ ProDigestive® Daily. Axia4 ProDigestive® antacid is the first antacid to contain digestive enzymes and 2 billion probiotics. Axia4+ ProDigestive® Daily takes things a step further and contains 3 billion probiotics with two powerful cognitive components. We just released Axia 5 detox/body flush which is always good to have.

Several studies from top universities such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins and new findings from the Mayo Clinic indicate that there is a Brain-Gut Axis and how the stomach controls the brain.

Axia Essentials® is committed in our quest for your health, vitality and longevity. We strive to source and produce the highest quality ingredients, products and recommendations for your body, with fast results. In providing consistency and quality control, we take extra safety measures than required by FDA and GMP guidelines. All of our material is manufactured in vertically integrated facilities which are cGMP certified and FDA inspected on a regular basis. We take things another step further and have all lots tested by a 3rd party lab. If Tums and Rolaids did this they wouldn't have had so many recalls.

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Drew Casani Partner Axia Essentials
"Axia3 has a rich history with a natural evolution into Axia4 and our other suite of products coming soon. We are proud to offer the highest quality ingredients available in our new Axia4 ProDigestive Daily formula that is designed to help the brain and the gut and focuses on the Brain-Gut Axis"